It's useless to have the best marketing in the world or the best Website if your brand is not among the best positions in GOOGLE organic searchES. either from your country or from others.

WE ARE A SEO COMPANY AND Thanks to our network of international sites, and using all our SEO strategies, we can assure that your brand (also applicable for personal brands) and all its campaigns (youtube, Facebook) will have the best possible visibility, all the time AND EVERYWHERE.

Basically, we can say that we have the power to make what we touch, TO shine.

What is SEO and how it works?

Imagine that you are a beautiful boy or girl and someone want to have the chance to have a date with you. That person will fix the hair, put on nice clothes and a nice perfume to get your attention. That’s Marketing.
But what happens if you have more candidates close to you and that person can’t get close? All that marketing is useless because you will never see that person.

What can you achieve with SEO?

SEO will bring that person closer to you giving at least one opportunity ranking among your first choices. Maybe that person didn’t even fix the hair or put perfume, but if the SEO is good, will have that shot anyway.
Now just think: what is more important, SEO or Marketing?
While both complement each other, anyway the answer is clear: SEO will allow you to have that opportunity whether you have marketing or not. So we can say that if your goal is to reach new clients, Digital Marketing without SEO is useless.

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SEO Digital Marketing consists about to monitor and organize all your digital content, starting from your Website and social networks. Vision Original create and organize specific strategic campaigns and promotions, publishing interesting and original quality graphic contents.
With us, for your costumers and potential costumers finding your brand and your online content will be fast and easy. Each online presence of your brand will be specifically designed and optimized to achieve the best positioning, whether presented in Web pages, social media networks, ads or YouTube. We also include: 24/7 customer support via chat and messages, we publish in your blogs with SEO blogging & Content Marketing, influencers marketing, email marketing, pay advertising, AI Technology, Graphic design, SEO Blocks and much more.


Vision Original offers a professional SEO Website specially designed for reaching the best organic positions on Google and Bing search engines.
Some available features: Webpage creation in less than 1 week, .com domain (or local), fast and modern mobile friendly design, graphic design and image optimization, Blog creation and AI Technology. According to the chosen plan, we also include: unlimited maintenance and updates, unlimited monthly bandwidth and email @yourcompany.


We are currently in the process of research and development this new amazing artificial intelligence technology, that we strongly believe will be (and it's already starting to be) top popular.
From 2019, our own AI Chatbot is already available in Vision Original, so your Website and social networks will equally have total interaction with your own customized Artificial Intelligence. It will be trained to attract, advise and entertain your current and potential clients offering a unique service, in your own company style. With this, you will also improve SEO because of times of stay.

If you want to hire all these services together, the ALL IN ONE plan is what you are looking for!

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Although the test is not in English, the total version is fully available for both languages. If you want to test our Artificial Intelligence in Spanish, you can do it going to the Spanish Webpage version anytime.

About us

Although the project under the name of Vision Original is recent, all started around 2010, with the creation of Websites and offering graphic design services. At that time, as an additional income from the ”fixed” marketing and sales work.

Little by little, it was becoming clear (for me) that it was useless to make the most beautiful Websites if no one could easily find them. So I began working hard for each client could achieve the best real positions in Google organic search results. After starting to study and learn some SEO techniques (search engine optimization) fortunately, digital marketing began to grow globally, which made essential for any brand to have a modern and well-positioned Website. Therefore, started to be a large amount of demand for this kind of services. Without any doubt and from some time ago, the future of advertising marketing is no longer on the radio or television.

Years later, it began to be very difficult for me to separate my official marketing and sales ”field work” with the Digital Marketing world. Adding to that the creation of Websites, I thought… why not to mix everything?

So I left my ”field work” and started to focus 100% on SEO, adding some extra services such as administration and creation of social networks content, PPC campaings and Google/Facebook Ads.

Parentheses: Personally, I’ve always liked one specific thing about companies like Google. We all know that Google obviously focus on a global service, but they do it starting from the inside (international working team) achieving a level of creativity and innovation that transcend all cultural barriers or physical border limits. CREATIVITY above all.

Back to the story: I started to add more services, such as brand strategy, SEO blogging, email content and influencers marketing.

Actually, more than 3,000 million people in the world (which exceeds 40% of the population) use social networks every day.

Because of these numbers (which continues increasing exponentially every year) I started to focus more and more into social media marketing services, starting to be especially successful in helping and advising individuals and startups. With clear SEO strategies focused on various services, the project started to achieve results attracting large amounts of potential customer flows per type of channel.

At the end of 2018, all this done work took the official name of Vision Original and ended up strengthening ideas and creating a hard SEO set like a rock. With the new name, the work network was enlarged and Vision Original started to offer the services officially for any English and Spanish speaking country.

Of course, it’s a very competitive market in where it’s not enough to be professional, even we can say it’s not enough to do everything well! you have to be very original to really stand out.

‘We have entered a new era of digital marketing in which if you are not original, you will not stand out. And if you don’t stand out, you will not succeed.”

Alexander Rottas – Vision Original CEO & SEO Content Director

Nowadays, and as Vision Original specializes in SEO, it has added value in offering free Web pages as well as in the latest revolutionary success: Artificial Intelligence available for all!

Why to work with us?

Digital Marketing is never a waste of money and SEO is essential.. Actually, it’s the most profitable marketing investment that you can do without the need for huge investments.

With less than what you can spend in a single salary, with Vision Original you have a comprehensive SEO Digital Marketing service, which includes: SEO for your Website, quality publications on all your social networks, creation or maintenance of your Website, customer service through artificial intelligence, graphic designprofessional video design and the most original vision for your campaigns. And this is just a small part of our services!

Vision Original is a specialist in the creation of SEO Web page blocks.

Remember, the Internet is full of possibilities and every day that passes without having a strong online marketing presence, you are missing opportunities. While you are not literally losing money, you are losing the opportunity to generate it by reaching thousands of new potential customers.

So, if you have not done it yet, we invite you to just try us by choosing any of our services.


At the moment, we take care of the Web sites, social media networks and artificial intelligence of companies and startups from different continents in English and Spanish languages.
While it’s true that each market is different and you have to adapt to it, the marketing language is universal

”Working with someone who has global vision and international experience, ensures you to never stay behind any competition, in order to put into practice the next trends before any other.”


Thanks to the experience of our team (that is distributed in different parts of the world) added to having traveled (and continue traveling) around the world, companies from different continents have been interested in working with us. Searching for a fresh & different service, that allows them to differentiate themselves from the rest of the local market.

As a result, Vision Original added an important new feature to confirm being one of the best options in the current SEO digital marketing: international vision.

“Currently, the main reason for each business trip is 50% analysis of different local markets, enriching us with experience that we transform into ideas, planning and action.”

Some customers reviews

Although I personally don't know anyone from the company because we are never in the same cities (and all the communication is done by email and Skype) I love it! This guys don't waste time, you just give them all information and they take care of everything. I also highlight the beautiful website that they made for my daughter's new brand with the beautiful android Vision. And full SEO! They are really cool, 10 points
Nicole Laza
Bachelor of Social Science - South Africa

We are very calm in my company knowing that our social networks and SEO are in the best hands, today from a long time ago.. Keep it up guys and congrats for the new name. It looks incredible.

Asher Davis
Photography Business Manager - USA
Some times you don't realize the weaknesses of your own brand until someone shows up and lets you know them. Thanks to Alex and his team, I discovered and changed things that I never thought I would change (like some logo colors) and much more. No doubt you need to dedicate 100% of time for something to be really good and marketing isn't the exception. Happy New Year
Richard Paz
CEO KKMadfu - Uruguay

Your own Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence at the best market price

Vision Original put at your disposal customer service 24/7 in the hands of Vision! Our Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence. Whether you have a big company or you just created a startup, we have the best plan with the best market prices for you. No more excuses for not start using AI technology like all big companies already started doing.

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What are you waiting for?

We are the only site that offers all the following services together:

AI agent
free SEO Website
SEO Social Media Marketing



And… at an incredible price! 

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You can cancel any of our services at any time without charge.
But don’t worry, this generally never happens. Thanks to digital marketing you will see that your incomes will be clearly higher in the medium and long term.

After finalizing the payment you will receive an email (asap) with the direct email and phone/whatsapp number of the agent that will represent (globally) your brand. You will also receive a form that you must complete with the information of your company, that we will use to begin the FIRST STEPS.

In any case, the agent will be in direct communication with you by the way you feel more comfortable (email, whatsapp or skype) from the first day.

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