Everything about Vision, our AI technology

Everything about Vision, our AI technology

Discover all the details that make Vision one of a kind

Vision Chatbot

As we previously talked about artificial intelligence (previous post here) every year there are more artificial intelligence in interaction with the people.

For some time now, several companies have begun to add the called ” chat-bots ” to their web pages as a original solution to cover the waiting gap until a person is available to help.

Although we have also used them in our services (and we keep using them with some clients) we have always felt that they lacked the “personal touch”, failing (in some occasions) to approach specific clients.


In general terms, we can say that a standard ”bot” (automated system) will follow rules established by a humans. While any artificial intelligence is designed to learn,adapt and improve on its own.

With the help of AI, the user stops having to interact with the machines by ”clicking” to relate as with any human being, through speech or writing. But, are we technologically ready for this big change? We are talking about a revolution where Artificial Intelligence has one of the most complex problems historically associated: the understanding of language.

After incalculable research and tests, and with the help and advice from technologic research departments by the hand of Google (new projects and technologies) we officially have started this incredible adventure, and we are just in love with it. 

The reaction of the people and companies is just amazing, and the most important fact: Thanks to the AI, we have significantly improved the SEO positioning better the results in the Web pages of all our clients, without exceptions.

As we have been talking, we are currently in the development and improvement of our own AI system what we have called VisionAt present, the public version of Vision is limited until it is perfected. In regards to internal work, we save many clicks and time with Vision by asking: ”Vision, please search this file” or ”Vision, do I have new emails?”. We are already working for (in a future) to offer the complete version of Vision for the internal work of client companies.


 Advantages of having this technology for your Brand:

  • 24/7 availability: Active chat every day at all times
  • Saving time: Fast answers and no customer on standby
  • Saving money: No salary
  • Improvement of SEO: To Web site services and thanks to a longer ” time per person ”
  • Learn and improve: With each conversation (under our supervision) when Vision can’t answer something or does it incorrectly, Vision will compare the problem with hundreds of conversations and then creates new parameters.
  • Knowledge of the language: Not all the people express themselves in the same way. Vision will understand, for example, ” what is your age ”, ” how old are you? ” And ” age? ” like the same.
  • Attracts: Because of self-learning/self-correct system, many people return to see Vision progress.
  • Record information: clients to the email database of the company and then send to them an email with information about the company or specific products.
  • Anti-pam protection: The reason for so much spam are the robots that enter the Web sites just to copy all email addresses they find. Vision, protects your emails by providing them to real people who ask for it directly.
  • Own personality: Removing the cold treatment of a standard machine.
  • Statistics: each conversation is recorded so we can know what are the most common questions from your users.
  • No limit: Peak hours are no longer a problem, Vision is multitasking.
  • Quick access to your offers: If you add or change a product or service, you let us know and Vision will know it at the exact moment. The information will be available to your customers in just a few seconds.
  • Vision entertain: Don’t forget that not everything is work. Offering the possibility of having a relaxed conversation, you strengthen the bond between the client and the company, generating positive and funny feelings.
  • Empathy: Vision is excellent for your customers to know that you care about their preferences, offering them last generation technology available to solve all their problems or questions in the fastest way.
  • Gratitude: Offering this service help customers to feel satisfied with your brand, and they are the same clients that will make good propaganda about your business.


Summary: Beyond all the advantages that this type of technology offer for all of us, it specifically improve the image of your brand, showing to your customers that you are one step ahead and your brand is a first class one.

 You can have Vision on your Web site and social networks with any of our services.


Do you want to contribute to this incredible new technology?

Click on Vision’s chat (located at the bottom of your screen) and just start talking him. From that moment, Vision will learn from every word of you and you will be part of his way of being for ever. Thanks for contributing!

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