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  • Brand Identity Oprimization
  • Social media advertising (VERY HIGH LEVEL) + Loyalty Campaigns: Estimated reach of advertising with this plan: 15,000 - Unlimited potential customers per day. With the information collected about the ideal target audience for your brand, we will invest money every month organizing and generating geolocated ads that will reach thousands of people per month. The same amount of money will be used each month, but it will be distributed differently according to the results of each campaign and the priority of each social network. We also create totally original and ingenious publications and raffles in which your followers win prizes by interacting with your networks, either by commenting or sharing content.
  • Pay per click Google advertising (HIGH LEVEL) Every month, we invest money on maintaining your website as the first result (paid) for some specific keyword searches using Google locally or worldwide. The exact number of reach is impossible to determine since it varies depending on the number of people who click and are directed to your website (from Google) per day. But its estimated reach is +5,000 potential customers per day.
  • Influencers: Your potential customers want to see people using your products or services. We will look for the best influencers' options (updated every month) and we will hire them to promote your brand, taking advantage of their large number of followers.

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After finalizing the payment you will receive an email (asap) with the direct email and phone/whatsapp number of the agent that will represent (globally) your brand. You will also receive a form that you must complete with the information of your company, that we will use to begin the FIRST STEPS.
In any case, the agent will be in direct communication with you by the way you feel more comfortable (email, whatsapp or skype) from the first day.

Bank transaction.
You must contact us to request our bank details in the CONTACT section.

The minimum first payment for the basic and standard services is 2 and 3 months.
After that time you will have the possibility of having a special price (if you choose to pay 2 times per year) or if you prefer you can pay monthly.

Remember that digital marketing is a process and as a whole process takes a couple of months to be well organized and start seeing results.
Of course, the exception is contracting the Premium and Premium plus services because with the paid ads results are faster.

You can cancel any of our services at any time without charge.

But don’t worry, this generally never happens. Thanks to digital marketing you will see that your incomes will be clearly higher in the medium and long term.

This question is very relative.

Digital marketing (like any other kind of marketing) is a process that usually takes a couple of months to start taking shape. It all depends on what service you have, what are your objectives and how the brand / company responds to the costumers after we approach them to you.

This is why some of our plans (such as basic and standard) begin with a longer started trial period than the rest, having that ”accommodation” process.

We also clarify that in several cases the results are practically immediate since many companies hire services already having some social networks and Web sites with certain volumes.

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