Artificial intelligence (Smart Chatbot) service

Vision Original makes artificial intelligence (Smart Chatbot) available to you, so your website improves its positioning. In addition, it will help you with many other things:

Inteligencia Artificial

As it has been said previously, Vision Original is currently in the process of research and development of Artificial Intelligence technology. We strongly believe that in the close future, IA will be (and it’s already starting to be) something huge, totally out of the scale that we could not even imagine at present days.
From 2019, the AI is already available in Vision Original for all those who wish to start incorporating this awesome technology as almost all big companies already did. But from now on, Vision Original made available new very economic plans to make possible and bring this incredible technology for all small/medium business that haven’t had (until now) the possibility to implement it.
Forget about hiring an expensive customer service and include customer service 24/7 on your website with your own customized artificial intelligence.

AI chatbot improves seo

For Vision Original, there is nothing more important than improving SEO, and everything we design is a reflection of that. Our artificial intelligence chatbot is not the exception.
A long stay of a user on a website is the bigger factor that gives google important clues that the website has the content that the user was looking for. Thanks to this and other factors, the site scales to reach the best positions.

In addition to advising the client in case of any doubt, the AI entertains too, thus achieving a longer stay (above + 50%) per user.

atención al cliente

stop losing potential customers

One of the main reasons why people leave Web sites is when they don’t understand something. In our experience, less than 5% of customers who leave the websites (without ”buying”) take the trouble of creating and send an email to consult and clarify the doubts. While it is true that having contact forms helps, it does not raise the average more up than 7%.
The competition on the internet is very big, so to reach and maintain the first positions we must explain everything as clearly as possible because leaving a place for doubts is losing opportunities. Here is when the AI Chatbot appears, as a perfect solution to this situation.
Any word or detail that your client has not understood, will be consulted and explained differently by your artificial intelligence. Because the AI is not only trained to answer technical doubts about your brand, the conversation will be fluid and comfortable, achieving a unique experience with your brand and thus making the relationship stronger.

economic plans for small and medium companies

We have plans for companies of all kinds and sizes, even if you don’t have a website or a digital marketing strategy. Everyone can have a customized Al Chatbot with Vision Original.

Vision Chatbot


Although your AI will have the name and logo that you prefer, its base of operation will be the same base of Vision, the AI technology of Vision Original.
Vision interprets things in a unique way and learns from each conversation. For example, if you ask Vision ”can you recommend me a movie?” or instead, you say “recommend a movie” Vision will know that you are talking about the same. Another example: ”what are you doing now?” vs ”what’s up?”. Since Vision’s intelligence is now active on several websites, Vision learns a lot about how people act day by day.
Of course, the free version of Vision is not usually integrated to clients websites since it may be ”too free” (except if someone asks for it) but its essence it’s.
Click on ”read more” if you want to know more about Vision.

"The intelligent chatbot of Vision Original is bringing us great benefits and I'm totally sure that in the future it will be as common as having a web page.."
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Asher Davis
CEO of Pic Ideas - Photography business

all our ai chatbot features:


Super quick response

We remove the ''writing'' simulation. Our AI operates at incredible speeds. What would be the point of delaying the answer just for the user to believe that the AI is "writing" or "thinking"? The response of your AI chatbot to your customers will be the fastest in the market and practically instantaneous.


Data Protection and no more SPAM

Say goodbye to SPAM and the Spam tricks of the competition. Your AI will protect your email, phone and all the information you want to only offer it to people who specifically ask for it.

online 24/7

24/7 service

Humans need to sleep, AI does not. At the moment you implement the AI, your website will become a full time base of queries and answers for all your visitors and customers.



At the start, you can customize your AI up to 50 specific questions to answer about your brand or anything you want. After that, your AI chatbot will learn variations of words and meanings by its own. Anyway, you will be able to modify any change its responses up to 20 times per month. You can also add up to 20 new questions and answers throughout each month.
Clarification: You will not do all this manually, you will simply send that information to our team in a simple text (by email) and we will do it for you.

computadora y celular

Cellphone and tablet responsive

Most chatbots of the market don't work on cellphones, when cellphones are currently the main source of traffic for most websites. Original Vision technology allows chat interaction from any cell phone.

idioma ingles y español


All services are available in both, English and Spanish languages.

ai chatbot PLANS:

AI CHATBOT Basic plan


(per month)

  • 1 AI Chatbot for 1 Website
  • Text inquiries: 300 daily conversations (Monthly average)
  • Includes:
    - 30 customized questions and answers
    - 10 monthly questions and answers updates
    - Possibility to add 10 new monthly questions and answers.



(per month)

  • up to 2 AI Chatbots for 2 Websites
  • Text inquiries: unlimited requests
  • Includes per AI:
    - 50 customized questions and answers
    - 20 monthly questions and answers updates
    - Possibility to add 20 new monthly questions and answers.

Currently this service is only included in the SEO Blocks ”ALL IN ONE” services.

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