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It's useless to have the best marketing in the world or the best Website if your brand is not among the best positions in GOOGLE organic searches. Either from your country or from others.

Vision Original is a SEO company, and thanks to our network of international sites, and using all our SEO strategies, we can assure that your brand (also applicable for personal brands) and all its campaigns (youtube, Facebook) will have the best possible visibility, all the time AND EVERYWHERE.


So basically, we can say that we have the power to make what we touch, to shine.

What is SEO and how it works?

Imagine that you are a beautiful boy or girl and someone want to have the chance to have a date with you. That person will fix the hair, put on nice clothes and a nice perfume to get your attention. That’s Marketing.
But what happens if you have more candidates close to you and that person can’t get close? All that marketing is useless because you will never see that person.

What can you achieve with SEO?

SEO will bring that person closer to you giving at least one opportunity ranking among your first choices. Maybe that person didn’t even fix the hair or put perfume, but if the SEO is good, will have that shot anyway.
Now just think: what is more important, SEO or Marketing?
While both complement each other, anyway the answer is clear: SEO will allow you to have that opportunity whether you have marketing or not. So we can say that if your goal is to reach new clients, Digital Marketing without SEO is useless.

more info about SEO HERE


Vision Original is dedicated to the creation and development of digital projects that we call SEO Blocks. Our service is used with brands that have no limits and seek to reach their maximum potential.

When your potential customers want to know more about a brand, they automatically go to Google. Once there, they begin to research and analyze search results trying to gather more information. If in that search only the main page is found, distrust begins as it is interpreted that nobody is talking about the brand except its creators.
The SEO Blocks service consists of creating a ”funnel” of web pages of the same category but external to the main web. The blocks of web pages are completely independent from the main web page since they have their own domain (web address) and depending on the plan, their own server. Therefore, users who visit any of these pages discover a variety of sites and people giving positive opinions about a brand on Internet. In addition, when potential clients enter these pages directly (since they are also SEO positioned) they are guided little by little directly to the main page of the brand.
In case of being used for direct sales, SEO blocks also allow you to offer similar products that you do not want to mix with the main brand.

Bloques SEO
Marketing Digital


The SEO Digital Marketing service consists of monitoring and organizing all the content of your Digital Marketing, from your website and social networks.

We create and organize specific strategic campaigns and promotions (paid advertising) creating and publishing high quality, interesting and original graphic content.
With us, it will be easy for your customers (and potential customers) to find your online brand and content quickly. Each online presence of your brand will be specifically designed and optimized to achieve the best positioning, whether it is presented on web pages, social networks, paid ads or YouTube. According to the plan, we also include: influencer marketing, email marketing, artificial technology, graphic design and more.

  • All included in SEO Blocks


Vision Original offers a fully SEO optimized professional website specially designed to achieve the best positions in the Google and Bing search engines. You cannot hire it independently, but you can obtain it with any of our SEO Blocks ”ALL IN ONE” services.

Some available features: website creation in less than 2 days, .com (or local) domain, fast and modern mobile or tablet friendly design, graphic design, image optimization, blogging and optionally included artificial technology.
In accordance with the plan, we also include: unlimited updates and maintenance, unlimited monthly bandwidth and @yourbrand email.

  • All included in SEO Blocks
Diseño Web
Inteligencia Artificial


We are currently in the research and development process for this amazing new artificial intelligence technology that we firmly believe will be (and is already beginning to be) very popular.

Starting in 2019, our AI Chatbot is already available in Vision Original, so, if you decide to try it, your website and social networks can have total interaction with your own and personalized artificial intelligence.
It will be trained to attract, advise, entertain and maintain your current and potential clients, thus offering a unique service, in the style of your own company. This also improves the stay times per user, therefore, greatly improving SEO.
You can try it right now by opening the chat tab (talk to Vision) that you can see below on the right. The free trial is only included in the Spanish version of this site.

  • All included in SEO Blocks

If you want us to enhance all your digital marketing, our ALL-IN-ONE plans are what you are looking for!

All in One Service

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Although the test is not in English, the total version is fully available for both languages. If you want to test our Artificial Intelligence in Spanish, you can do it going to the Spanish Webpage version anytime.

About Vision Original

Alexander RottasAlexander Rottas, the best SEO of Latin America!

This is a summary of my story:

First of all, I want to clarify that if you search for “the best SEO of Latin America” it’s Google who says that I am it. And this is thanks to the SEO.

This all started in South Africa, although in reality the credit is shared with Egypt.
In short: I was commercially representing an international company in various countries in Africa. In my free time (which was not much) and taking advantage of being a computer technician, graphic designer, and studying marketing, I spent much of my time learning more about something that was attracting a lot my attention called SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

After a year of very hard work and legal stuff, I decided to travel to Egypt (which was the dream of my life) in order to know everything possible and disconnect from everything.
Once in Egypt, more precisely sitting on a temple (located in a prohibited area for tourists) with the great pyramid just a few meters away, I really had a revelation. Anyway, summarizing approximately 3 explanatory books about it, I can say that I returned to South Africa, left my work (it was my comfort zone) and later returned to Uruguay to dedicate myself to learning as much as possible about SEO.
I started doing tests that managed to position several virtual brands (such as online stores) as leaders in Google search, above pages that were already in the market as leaders since the beginning of the Internet. That fascinated me and motivated me a lot to continue learning, learning from mistakes, and deciphering the “mysteries of SEO”.
I learned that creating a site and positioning it as the leader of your ideal market, even if you do the best SEO possible was sometimes impossible. There are many obstacles such as sites with good SEO and antiquity, brands that use “paid link systems” (companies that charge to publish any type of content that ends with a link to a web page), for example: “the best 10 fast food sites in the city” or even online newspapers publishing ”news” about the good that a brand is doing or the novelty of its new service x. This stuff transfers “power” from one well-positioned brand to the other one. This is where I ”clicked” and discovered everything behind some leading sites that are actually a long way from being leading brands.
I started creating my own brands, virtual stores, affiliate marketing with Amazon, opinion websites, in short, websites for selling all kinds of items in Spanish and English. To give an example, from 1 year ago I have a well-positioned store that sells organic products only to New York and I have only been updated the SEO of it.

Going back in history, abandoning “fieldwork” allowed me to focus 100% on increasingly advanced SEO, gradually starting to create what I call “SEO blocks”, thus allowing virtually any site to be positioned as a leader of specific or general searches.

Currently, I do all my work under the banner of Vision Original, which in a few years has grown and achieved results in ways I couldn’t even imagine.


Why to work with us?

For less than what you would invest in a single salary, with Vision Original you will have a service that will totally change the future of your brand; which is also perfect to start new and big projects.

Another important point is that digital marketing will never be a waste of money and SEO is essential to marketing. Digital marketing is actually the most profitable (general marketing) investment you can make without the need for large amounts of money. Remember that the Internet is full of opportunities and each day that goes by without having a strong online marketing presence, you are missing them. Although you are not literally losing money, you are losing the opportunity to generate it.

Currently, thanks to the success achieved and to be able to specialize, Original Vision closed the doors to clients who are simply looking for marketing, SEO, web pages or artificial intelligence. Offering only and in a personalized way the service ”ALL IN ONE” that is totally based on SEO BLOCKS.

Therefore, if you have not yet tried it and your brand or project does not have growth limits, I invite you to test us by choosing any of our services.


Although our main focus is SEO in Latin America, at the moment we take care of the Web sites, social media networks and artificial intelligence of companies and startups from different continents in English and Spanish languages.
While it’s true that each market is different and you have to adapt to it, the marketing language is universal

”Working with someone who has global vision and international experience, ensures you to never stay behind any competition, in order to put into practice the next trends before any other.”

Some international names

ejemplo cliente 16
ejemplo cliente 15
ejemplo cliente 14
ejemplo cliente 12
ejemplo cliente 19
ejemplo cliente 22
Dental Life logo
Telovendí logo
ejemplo cliente 20
ejemplo cliente 21
Client 20 logo

and many more...

Some customers reviews

Although I personally don't know anyone from the company because we are never in the same cities (and all the communication is done by email and Skype) I love it! My company did big SEO blocks with them, these guys don't waste time. You just give them all information and they take care of everything. I also highlight the beautiful website that they made for my daughter's new brand with the beautiful android Vision. And full SEO! They are really cool, 10 points
opiniones 2
Nicole Laza
Lic. In Foreign Trade - Uruguay

My company was born again with the services of Original Vision. Unfortunately for marketing terms, I can't name it, but it's in a section of this page. I can assure you that we are very calm knowing that all the SEO that was done is kept in the best hands. We are currently very well positioned. Keep it up my friends, congratulations on what you have achieved and on all that is coming.
opiniones 3
Asher Davis
Photography Business Manager - USA

Many times you don't realize the weaknesses of your own brand until someone appears and makes you notice it. Thanks to Alex and his team, I discovered and changed things I never thought I would change (like some logo colors) and much more. AI is also incredibly useful. Without a doubt, someone must dedicate 100% to something to be really good and SEO is no exception. Happy New Year Friends!
opiniones 1
Richard Paz
CEO KKMadfu - Uruguay

Your own Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence at the best market price

Vision Original put at your disposal customer service 24/7 in the hands of Vision! Our Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence. Whether you have a big company or you just created a startup, we have the best plan with the best market prices for you. No more excuses for not start using AI technology like all big companies already started doing.

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