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What is SEO? Summary!

While SEO has been around for a long time, in recent years it has become increasingly important, even surpassing the ”typical Digital Marketing”.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website (or social media’s publications) in the organic results of search engines such as Google / each social network.
SEO varies widely according to the year for a variety of reasons, such as a large number of updates in Google algorithms, for example: Penguin and Panda.

There are many factors on which a search engine relies to position a page or article. With respect to Web pages, two of the main factors are authority and relevance:


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All about Content Marketing

Find out about the importance of Content Marketing for your Brand

Content Marketing has now become an indispensable feature for any actual brand. 

But what is it exactly? 

Content marketing is the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. Behind every great brand is a wealth of valuable and relevant content strongly connecting with the company’s audience. But, why is content marketing so important?

If we need to choose one definition of Content marketing, we can say:


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Everything about Vision, our AI technology

Discover all the details that make Vision one of a kind

As we previously talked about artificial intelligence (previous post here) every year there are more artificial intelligence in interaction with the people.

For some time now, several companies have begun to add the called ” chat-bots ” to their web pages as a original solution to cover the waiting gap until a person is available to help.

Although we have also used them in our services (and we keep using them with some clients) we have always felt that they lacked the “personal touch”, failing (in some occasions) to approach specific clients.



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Artificial Intelligence is already here

So far, we all think about AI (artificial intelligence) as something possible but distant that we only see in science fiction movies.

Although the AI is still in an initial phase, the AI is already here.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of the computer science that aims to create smart machines and in the last years it has already become an essential part of the technology industry. Artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits as: knowledge, learning, reasoning, problem solving, perception and planning, and more.   


The computer science experts Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell differentiate four kinds of artificial intelligence:


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